Thursday, July 12, 2012


Day 335: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yesterday, I decided to try riding the community bus home, which only costs 100 yen. Soon, I found out the reason why it was so cheap because it takes an unbelievably long time. After nodding on and off again, the bus finally approached my neighborhood. Suddenly, it turned the opposite direction, which made my heart flutter. After a few more turns, it corrected its course and I realized that it was just going a different route, which was the same route that the girl that I like and I took to get home after Yosuke’s exhibition opening- the route where I carried her on her bike and as she stood on the bolts of the back wheel, she suddenly squeezed my shoulders once and then twice in her little hands for no reason, which made me tense up inside…
Looking out the window now, I could feel my heart flutter again. I slumped down in my chair and realized that even though I thought we were both getting sick of each other, I was wrong and was still in love.

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