Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hayato's Folks

Day 196: Thursday, September 22, 2011

In the evening, Hayato and his dad came over. Actually it was his dad’s first time in my house as well as the first time we said more than a few words to each other. He reminded me that tomorrow was the annual Hatagaya Matsuri (Hatagaya Festival) as well as explained the details to me: the kids would carry a miniature omikoshi (a portable Japanese shrine) around our neighborhood in the morning and the adults would carry the real one in the afternoon. He asked me if I would like to participate, and of course, I told him yes.

Spreading Out

Afterwards, I showed them around the house. Hayato was not shy at all and his father was not overly polite like how most Japanese people would be at a stranger’s home, which was nice. I skipped over showing my room because it was a mess and I wasn’t sure if there was anything scandalous around like used tissues, but in the end, they wanted to see it, so I relented. Hayato said his room was messier, and then suddenly jumped onto my bed and under the covers, where I had masturbated only two nights before…


I showed them my private balcony, which faces their house, so they got to see their house from a new perspective. While we were talking, Hayato’s mom came outside and we said hello from above.

Hayato's Mom

The neighbors across the street- a mother and her three kids- came out onto their veranda as well to see what the ruckus was about. They started talking with Hayato’s family since they were friends. Hayato’s dad introduced us and we said hello for the first time ever.

She Had A Cold

Hayato began to make some penis jokes, which made me uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to react since his dad and mom were there. I soon discovered they liked penis jokes as well, so I began to relax. They taught me the Japanese-English term pork bits, which means small wiener. Soon after, Hayato’s mom came over with some snacks from the convenience store and we hung out together for the first time.

Enjoying Pork Bits

I told them my story. They told me theirs: Koji, Hayato’s dad, had lived in the house next to mine all his life. He had met Hiromi, his wife, when he was 20 and they married at 25. Koji is a garbage man and his route includes our neighborhood, so he sometimes runs into Hayato in the morning when his son is off to school. As for Hiromi, she works at the information desk at the sports center, which I pass by whenever I take the Hachiko Bus to Shibuya. She asked me to teach Hayato some English, so I asked him what words he would like to learn. He said ikemen (cool guy), kimoi (gross), and kusai (smells bad), which after I taught him, he remembered them right away.

Mamma's Little Genius

When it got late, we said goodbye and that we would see each other in the morning for the kid’s matsuri. After a year of living next to each other, we finally became friends.

" Super gross!"

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