Thursday, July 12, 2012

In A Rush (To Hold Hands)

Day 86: Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ian threw a going away party at our house for his friend, who was moving to the U.S.A. Tim came over and I asked him if he had made any progress with the woman he started seeing recently. When we went out to dinner with Ian last week, which we called “Boy’s Night”, he told us about her and how he was frustrated because he wanted things to move along quicker since it’s been a month already and they had only held hands… Now at the party, he said she that she was finally back from her trip to Mongolia, but supposedly couldn’t see him because she was in Ibaraki at the moment… then he shrugged and said he didn’t know if that was true.

I gave him an update about the girl I liked too, which didn’t look too good neither, since now I was beginning to wonder if this relationship was just about business. Anyways I told Tim about my theory, which is how you can rate how much someone likes you by how fast they respond to your text messages (regarding love and attraction at least)… since no matter how busy you are, if you really like someone, you will write them back ASAP even if it is just a stupid smiley face because you want to let that person know that you are thinking of them as well. Tim looked down at his beer and said that his girl always takes 2 days… and I smiled back at him with understanding and told him mine usually takes about a day.

After everyone was gone, Yuki and I were in the office relaxing and enjoying the quiet. She too asked me how things were going with the girl, and I told her what my actual instincts were, which I had been keeping inside me for the past few days- that she didn’t really like me and that it probably wouldn’t work out even if she did because she was too busy and dedicated to her job while I needed someone who could give me more… Sitting in Ian’s chair, Yuki said that when she was single, she had never thought about being lonely or needing someone, which left me amazed thinking, “I bet she would be fine in Mongolia...”

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