Thursday, July 12, 2012

Morita Douji (and Kotori) in Kanazawa

Day 180: Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yesterday I met up with Mari for lunch. I told her that while I was driving out of town with friends last weekend, I discovered a Japanese singer who I really like named Morita Douji. Mari gave me that annoyed face that she gives me often, and then said that she had introduced me to her music around the time when we had first started dating, but at that time, I said it was cheesy and that I didn’t like it. I vaguely remembered, so I apologized to her, and explained what I have been learning a lot lately is that sometimes it’s all about the context and especially the timing to appreciate something or someone… and that maybe I wasn’t ready then and that I needed to live in Japan long enough as well as to experience things like love, friendship, loneliness, and a major earthquake to finally find what some people call the most depressing music in Japan to be not depressing at all.

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