Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Small Success

Day 202: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I knew my money has been dwindling down lately, but didn’t consciously acknowledge it until I realized I couldn’t pay the rent and had to borrow money yesterday. Once that realization hit me, I felt light-headed and was weak in the knees all day. It has been six months since the earthquake, the beginning of T.B., and the loss of my day job. Sadly, after finding myself as well as my path, I’m currently broker now than I was then.

Coincidentally the person, who reassured me that everything would be okay back then, is visiting Japan for work and I’m meeting him tonight. The reason why I believed what he said to me before, which was “to just keep doing what you are doing and the money will come,” was because a long time ago back when we first met, he was more of a fuck up than me (which was pretty bad), and then up until last year, all of a sudden from out of the blue, luck happened and he went from destitute to owning his company.

He contacted me about a month after I had started Talking Barnacles because he had been following what I had been writing about and understood what I was going through. It had been five years since we had last spoken, and now I found out he had a different name, longer hair, and was now very wise. He told me about his success story and as I listened carefully like a student with his new mentor, I was stunned as well as inspired. After our chat online, I felt much better. He mentioned he would be in Fukuoka on business this summer and would probably be going to Tokyo for a day or two.

Now, the time has come and he is finally here in town. I was looking forward to meeting him because I really needed a confidence boost, but his meeting ran late and he had to cancel.

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