Thursday, July 12, 2012


To my older sister Jenn,

I still remember what you said to me once years before about how I probably looked down on your so-called “boring” life since I have always been kind of roaming around and doing art, but to be honest, I roamed because I had never made a life anywhere and never was satisfied with what I had, which I am learning is a bad habit and that if I don’t change my ways, I will definitely never be happy. Fortunately, I think you have already accomplished this now. It’s ironic how you mentioned that I probably have always looked down on you because it’s actually quite the opposite. For most of my life I have always strived to be like you because you were always the first one to do- as well as to discover- everything, so by the time you introduced me to whatever it was that you were into back then, you were already an expert while I was just stumbling to begin. And now, years later, I look to you again- on this matter about love- hoping to follow in your footsteps one day.

There will always be more unhappiness then there will be happiness so the days when you can have the latter- like today, tomorrow, and the next- enjoy it. I know you had some hard times in the past and I know there will be a few more down the road, but now at least you have a partner – a handsome, moustached one- who will face them with you whenever they appear. You are one lucky bastard; and like what you said to me at the big turning point
in my life as well, I am proud of you too.

Your little shitty brother,

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