Thursday, July 12, 2012


Day 94: Sunday, June 12, 2011

After printing photos in Shinjuku for the photo competition together, the girl and I got off at our station. I had found out a few hours earlier that she had been following T.B., which was worrisome, so I decided then and there to gauge how much she had actually read by mentioning, “Hey, I thought you were too busy to read my blog.” “No, I do…” she replied back and then continued, “You just wrote about me, right?” I was shocked because I thought that I was safe since I didn’t use her photo and that there was too much English text for most Japanese people to read… “No,” I said hoping that I could still deny it. “But didn’t you write 'She is cuter than I remembered'?” she asked with a smile. Now there was no choice since she could even quote me word for word, so I admitted that I did but then quickly changed the subject because it was embarrassing. While we walked up the stairs toward ground level, I thought that maybe it was good to have finally gotten it out into the open and that now it was up to her to make the move if she actually liked me…

We walked in the rain and at the intersection where our paths split, she said goodbye meaning that she didn’t want me to walk her home, so I nodded and returned her smile with a pretend one and then we parted ways.

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